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Full Houseless!

Outdoor livin’ in Cali

Got me tanner than Danny

He said I could crash there

And promised me fanny

Kimmy went for my jimmy
But my brain was on Becky
Cuz in the fullest house
She’s got the fullest blouse

I said no to Gibbler
Dan said “She’s a nibbler”
“But I want a beej”
“I’ll go get Deej”

Steph did some meth
Had me thinkin’ “How rude”
Jesse’s gel was the lube
When Michelle got it dude!

Don’t forgot Jesse’s twins
Steph squeezed them in
She wrought on their choads
Mr. Bear caught their loads

Joey and peanut butter
Ran in with Comet
I pulled outta Michelle
And proceeded to vomit

Now I’m back on the street
No shoes for my feet
A man tryin’ to eat
Not tryin’ to skeet.

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