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I American’t Even!

Golden towers
Golden showers
Atop his thrones
He sires his clones
From many wives
From many lives
He ran his empire
Bathed in ire
They’ll run his company
He’ll run our country
Into a crater
There is no later
There is no future
There is no hope
There is no change
There is a dope
A nesting doll
Will end us all
With nukes or hate
We sit, we wait
There was another
A wife, and mother
With all her might
She lost our fight
She was no saint
Perfect, she ain’t
He will be worse
A lingering curse

Whoretilla Chips!

Pussies love my dick
My jizz is kitty litter
Puppies love my dick
My jizz is titty glitter

Puppies means boobs
Go ask King Lawler
He’s a color man
Was once a brawler

Why is there glitter?
She is a stripper
Even with no cash
I’m gonna tip her

My dick’s too big
It’s gonna trip her

Your dick is small
Can’t please an infant
You lack stamina
Done in an instant

You don’t keep her happy
Your sex is crappy

Not the good way
As in anal
But the bad way
As in banal

When she’s with you
She stinks of me
When she’s with me
She stinks of pee

Normal chicks like
Beholding flowers
Chicks like yours like
Golden showers

Pee in her mouth
And vagina lips
Pee in a bowl
For her tortilla chips

Chasing Papes!

I walk with a limp
Cuz that’s poop in my shoe
It ran down my leg
What’s it to you?

Ain’t you got nothing better to do
Than stare at a dude
In beaucoup doo doo?

It began as a fart
Like I’ve never heard
Tore my anus apart
Plop! Plop!
Said the turd.

You think I’m hitting on you
That’s far from the case
Adele chases pavement
Like I’m chasing papes

Seriously girl,
You got any tissues?
This shit on my leg,
Is causing some issues.

A rash in my crack
I am that smell
No thank you ma’am
I will not rot in hell.

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