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Ducks got weird dicks

No bullshit it’s legit

They’re all twisted and soft

Like a string of string cheese

That I just peeled off


​I got my cock out
At a Taco Bell
I got my cock out
You can barely tell

I got my cock out
All pretense is gone
I got my cock out
Condom already on

I got my cock out
Just lookin’ for love
I got my cock out
In you, it will shove

I got my cock out
No, please don’t run
I got my cock out
Now I’m waving a gun

I got my cock out
Too late to stop
I got my cock out
Suicide by cop

I got my cock out
In heaven or hell?
I got my cock out
Only St. Pete can tell

I got my cock out
It illicits pity
I got my cock out
In the holy city

Fuct Tape!

My penis smells crummy
Cuz it’s been in your box
My semen’s still yummy
It’s at home in your tummy
Please shut your mouth
It’s time for your bummy

I’m not here to talk
What brought me here
Is your addiction to cock
You can’t get enough
Of this penis stuff
It’s kind of a problem
And I’m an enabler
Cuz I wanna bang ya
Like Benson does Stabler

Despite my reputation
This won’t be a rape
My dungeon’s all full
I’m out of duct tape
I will wine you
And dine you
I will not confine you
I’ll ask your permission
To demand your submission

Thicky, Tricky Dick Girl!

I thought you were a thicky,
Thicky, thick girl
Turns out you were a thicky,
Tricky dick “girl”

I thought your pants bulge
Was a pube perm
But your pants bulge
Was just a dude worm

Finger banging
Left you hanging
Cuz there’s a dick there
In your “vagina” hair

It’s why my fingers missed
My reply’s a fist
Squeezing fresh lube
All on your flesh tube

A down and up motion
Followed the lotion
G.I Joe Kung Fu Grip
Jizz runs down your hip

Gif Me Liberty or Gif Me Def!



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