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Belly Jelly!

Girl, manhandle

My man handle

Blow it like a candle

With a shriveled up wick

…my dick is not thick

But it tries hard

‘Til it cums on your belly,

Quick, wipe up my jelly

And turn up the telly

Cuz it’s gonna dry hard

And I’m gonna cry hard

Unhappily Never After!

You married too old
From what I’ve been told
If you want a baby
The prognosis is maybe

A woman your age
Has lost half her eggs
He’s wasted his sperm
‘Tween too many legs

You’ll pray for a miracle
Like a flower from god
Desperation’s the seed
Blind hope is the sod

Even if you succeed
It won’t come out right
It’ll pet kittens too hard
It’ll hold rabbits too tight

The best years behind you
The worst ones are ahead
You’ll silently hate each other
Until one of you’s dead

Sure, the marriage was bad
The orgasms were forced
But the retard was glad
His folks never divorced.

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