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Say Yo to Drugs!

I snort coke like a vacuum
My nose is a Dyson
No nasal septum
Nostrils like Tyson

I try not to sniff it
Unless it is gifted
The product’s too pricey
The dealers’ too dicey

I burn grass
Like a cheetah
I crush pussy

Chicks back that ass up
Like cocaine does my bowels
Her pussy’s so wet
The motel’s outta towels

I don’t mess with meth
Ecstasy or MDMA
My mind’s crazy enough
I can’t stand PDA

Shrooms would be super
If it wasn’t food poisoning
From a cow’s pooper

We can drink, smoke, and drill
In my room if you’ll join me
You can try krokodil
‘Til you resemble a zombie

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