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Donkey Shlow!

I’m slappin’ dat ass
Like my donkey’s goin’ slow
My Oh! face makes you say
“This honkey’s kinda slow”

But I’m not a retard
My dick’s a petard
It’s burstin’ through walls
Flanked by two balls

My dick is so deep
It’s gettin’ the bends
My dick is so deep
You’ll require depends

Skinny like a broom
It still brings da boom
After it’s in you
You’ll shit a log flume

Skinny like wheat
It still brings da heat
It dislikes hand jobs
Please use your feet

My dick brings da noize
And it brings da funk
It feels like penetratin’
So let’s get you drunk

Cockin’ Around the Christmas Tree!

Cockin’ around the Christmas tree
At the Christmas partner swap
Cameltoe as far as you can see
Every couple fucks non-stop

Cockin’ around the Christmas tree
Let your inhibitions swing
Later we’ll try that blumpkin thing
That’s my shit your gargling

It will be so unsettling
When you hear
Gimp slaves screaming, “Call me mommy
Lick my balls, ignore my scabies”

Cockin’ around the Christmas tree
Test for STDs today
Everyone fuckin’ verily
The thought of condoms went away

Interlude (EnterLube)

It will be so unsettling
When you hear
Midgets yellin, “Try some molly
Whack my balls with boughs of holly”

Cockin’ around the Christmas tree,
Test for STDs today
Everyone fuckin’ verily
The thought of condoms went away

Goin’ Colon Bowlin’!

I’m balls deep
In your butt’s hole
So balls deep
Where’d my nuts go?

My balls are in your colon
Cuz my dick is goin’ bowlin’

Like it’s name is Ed
Workin’ at the Stuckeybowl
Spin around and give me head
I’m tired of your yucky hole

Turn your yap into a sucky hole
‘Til sap comes out my fucky hole

I’ll lick your booty hole
To return the favor
Take my time to savor
Your salad dressing flavor

I’ll motor boat you in your stink eye
Go so fruity on your booty, I get pink eye

Don’t make eye contact
So that I can skeet
Now, go get some eye drops
From a store down the street


My balls are so big
My penis looks small
When I sit down to pee
The pee hits the wall

Of course I am kidding
My balls are average size
But my penis is small
Compared to most guys

We met at a tavern
Vagina like a cavern
This feels like a sin
You’ll be unsure
If I’m all the way in

Of course it’s in there
Lost in your pube hair
This is regretful
Your vagina is dull.
And nowhere near full

It’s hungry like a hippo
It’s on fire like a zippo
This is not friction
It’s an affliction

It burns when it pees

Hashtag. herpes

Spaghetti Kisses!

My body meat
Makes your body heat
Feel it from your lady feet
Up to your lady teet

If you’re a lady
That makes me the tramp
My spaghetti kisses
Come with a mushroom stamp

My dick is flappy
Like a pasta noodle
Your pubes are nappy
Like a rasta poodle

You’d prefer a sausage
With some meatballs
I’d prefer a woman
With vaginal walls

My dick is pathetic
So’s your vagina
It smells like garlic
It looks like lasagna

But not the good kind
It has a crispy rind
It smells so rancid
Garfield declined

Your face may be worse
Let’s try dog style
Hide your face in a purse
Or it’ll take me awhile

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