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Your Vagina?!

I like chicks with self esteem
Not a chick who does everything
With a dude who says anything
To get his thing inside her jeans

I see you with those other guys
One or two at a time
Spreading legs and telling lies
Honestly, I don’t mind
Please exaggerate my penis size

Your vagina makes my penis cringe
I’d bang you if I’m on a binge
Weed, coke, and alcohol
I’ll enter you after last call

We’ll stumble home
You’ll give me dome
I’ll send you home
Don’t steal my gnome

Your vagina makes my penis shiver
I was cravin’ head and you deliver

Your vagina makes my penis weep
It keeps me up I’m trying to sleep
Teeth, claws, and tentacles
I think I saw some testicles

Your vagina makes my penis shrink
What’d you put in my drink?

I can’t believe you roofied me
I really hope you’re goofin’ me

Feelin’ woozy
Should throw up

Make it quick
Don’t wake me up

Quick N Dry!

My sex is quick n dry
Like a shot of gin
I’ll be almost done
Before I’m even in
I fed you shots and shots
Like lots and lots
Emotional lubricant
Makes you jubilant
Like Jubilee
I felt a spark
The bar was dark
That helped a lot
Cuz your face is busted
From the chest up
Like Nefertiti
But you’re no queen
Please forgive me
That was mean

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