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Brown Magic Woman

My brown eye is magic

My wand is my dick

I wave it at women

Until they get sick

I know no other spells

My robe kinda smells

I live full time outside

My toilet’s a slide

Wizard or hobo?

That’s for you to decide


Shitting Room!

In Old Navy

I was turning tricks

In Old Navy

I’d screw dudes and chicks

In Old Navy

In the fitting rooms

In Old Navy

I’d take cash or shrooms

In Old Navy

It was mostly dudes

In Old Navy

They had filthy pubes

In Old Navy

It was never chicks

In Old Navy

I sucked some dicks


Ducks got weird dicks

No bullshit it’s legit

They’re all twisted and soft

Like a string of string cheese

That I just peeled off

Trillville, Alabama

Roy Moore’s new campaign song just dropped. I got the exclusive!



When we elected

Trump, we knew what we signed up

For, America

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