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Words With Friends With Fleshy Boy Buns!

I just spelled fleshy boy buns for 69 points.



Fuct Tape!

My penis smells crummy
Cuz it’s been in your box
My semen’s still yummy
It’s at home in your tummy
Please shut your mouth
It’s time for your bummy

I’m not here to talk
What brought me here
Is your addiction to cock
You can’t get enough
Of this penis stuff
It’s kind of a problem
And I’m an enabler
Cuz I wanna bang ya
Like Benson does Stabler

Despite my reputation
This won’t be a rape
My dungeon’s all full
I’m out of duct tape
I will wine you
And dine you
I will not confine you
I’ll ask your permission
To demand your submission

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