Monthly Archives: July, 2015

Donkey Shlow!

I’m slappin’ dat ass
Like my donkey’s goin’ slow
My Oh! face makes you say
“This honkey’s kinda slow”

But I’m not a retard
My dick’s a petard
It’s burstin’ through walls
Flanked by two balls

My dick is so deep
It’s gettin’ the bends
My dick is so deep
You’ll require depends

Skinny like a broom
It still brings da boom
After it’s in you
You’ll shit a log flume

Skinny like wheat
It still brings da heat
It dislikes hand jobs
Please use your feet

My dick brings da noize
And it brings da funk
It feels like penetratin’
So let’s get you drunk

Say Yo to Drugs!

I snort coke like a vacuum
My nose is a Dyson
No nasal septum
Nostrils like Tyson

I try not to sniff it
Unless it is gifted
The product’s too pricey
The dealers’ too dicey

I burn grass
Like a cheetah
I crush pussy

Chicks back that ass up
Like cocaine does my bowels
Her pussy’s so wet
The motel’s outta towels

I don’t mess with meth
Ecstasy or MDMA
My mind’s crazy enough
I can’t stand PDA

Shrooms would be super
If it wasn’t food poisoning
From a cow’s pooper

We can drink, smoke, and drill
In my room if you’ll join me
You can try krokodil
‘Til you resemble a zombie

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