Foodieez Nutz!

My tongue is a clit bomb
Your vagina’s a tick farm
My dick’s like a kid’s arm
With an apple in it’s palm

You can tell that my foreplay
Is full of sarcasm
Despite my best efforts
You’ll find an orgasm

Your g spot was hiding
In your vaginal chasm

I try to be quick
In n Out with my dick
Sex like fast food
When I’m not in the mood

Dick like a Big Mac
This king has a Whopper
If I’m talking proper
And keeping it real
It’s more like the toy
In your Happy Meal

A choking hazard is real

It requires a warning:
Ages 16 or above
It don’t fall in love
It won’t wear a glove

But chick, no one needs you
All alone with no socks
If I get very horny
I’ll just Jack in the Box.

Holla Back, Gurl!

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