Spaghetti Kisses!

My body meat
Makes your body heat
Feel it from your lady feet
Up to your lady teet

If you’re a lady
That makes me the tramp
My spaghetti kisses
Come with a mushroom stamp

My dick is flappy
Like a pasta noodle
Your pubes are nappy
Like a rasta poodle

You’d prefer a sausage
With some meatballs
I’d prefer a woman
With vaginal walls

My dick is pathetic
So’s your vagina
It smells like garlic
It looks like lasagna

But not the good kind
It has a crispy rind
It smells so rancid
Garfield declined

Your face may be worse
Let’s try dog style
Hide your face in a purse
Or it’ll take me awhile


Holla Back, Gurl!

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