Poppin’ Stitches!

I got circumcised late
Can’t remember the date
I only know for sure
I was at least twenty eight.

A case of phimosis
Was my diagnosis
My penis was choked
Cuz my foreskin was broke

Doc called the skin too tight
I called the dick too large
But he held the scalpel
So he was in charge

I made him pinky swear
That he would take care
And handle my circumcision
With the utmost precision

Because of my age
And what was at stake
Half of my foreskin
Is all he could take

Turtleneck to a mock neck
I hadn’t even docked yet
First wind on my knees
My head felt the breeze

I came out of my daze
Gazed down at the cut
I will forever regret
Dry sex with dat butt

It looked like the monster
Dr. Frank raised from the dead
Stitches surrounded my shaft
Right next to the head

Now I pop stitches in bitches
Like splinters from a broomstick
And the bitches are witches
Who’re riding my dick


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