Trillville, Alabama

Roy Moore’s new campaign song just dropped. I got the exclusive!




When we elected

Trump, we knew what we signed up

For, America


I hacked into United Airlines’ human resource files and discovered a very disturbing training video…

I American’t Even!

Golden towers
Golden showers
Atop his thrones
He sires his clones
From many wives
From many lives
He ran his empire
Bathed in ire
They’ll run his company
He’ll run our country
Into a crater
There is no later
There is no future
There is no hope
There is no change
There is a dope
A nesting doll
Will end us all
With nukes or hate
We sit, we wait
There was another
A wife, and mother
With all her might
She lost our fight
She was no saint
Perfect, she ain’t
He will be worse
A lingering curse


‚ÄčLivin’ in a trailer park
Opposite of Tony Stark
I can still be Iron Man
Cover me in fryin’ pans

Fully draped in kitchenware
All except my underwear
Whitey tighties, ’til I perish
Cozy testies, I do cherish

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